The bio deck is your third deck and useful as several things, a park, a place of redemption and a farm.

Park landEdit

The pleasure deck isn't the only place Peeps can have fun, after being stuck in a (presumably) cramped spaceship for who knows how long they are in the mood for a walk. While all races have their preferred environment you can't go far wrong with the standard setting, the Karmarama homeland environment (medium moisture, medium temperature) and stretches of water.

You can further enhance your park land by adding art work, just be aware some pieces are actually hated by some peeps. You must place the art on another deck and beam it to the bio deck.

Be aware that some settings may actually cause certain peeps to be become upset at what they see as a hostile environment. Losing mind points if uncomfortable and body points in environments that are opposite to their preferred environment. For example Grey's are hurt by hot and dry environments and Gor's are hurt by cold and wet environment.

See the bio deck page for details on other races preferred bio deck settings.

A place of redemptionEdit

A star temple, placed by the Zedem. You only need one Zedem monk to establish a temple. Just walking around a temple is good for a peeps soul (points), even more so if they can talk to or be blessed by a resident Zedem monk.


A properly managed bio deck can produce many kinds of materials crates, including:

Food supplies can only be acquired though the bio deck or trade.

Each shrub produces one crate, each tree produces two. Refer to the bio deck page for details about which climate produces which cargo.

Managing your farmersEdit

Karmarama workers have a slight problem, they get upset when you harvest plants, suffering a hit to mind, body and soul points. If possible you should convert plants in materials when they are not around, if this is not possible you should still avoid stripping the deck of all plant life in one go or you could have mass resignations on your hands.

Supply linesEdit

Any material crate produced on the bio deck can be researched to uncover new technology, and in most cases the ability to produce that crate in a factory. This has many positive effects such as increasing the number of buildings you can create without relaying on traders and increasing your ability to create and trade goods in large numbers. Using crates to fuel your shops and sick bays saves you energy as well.

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