All station build up litter and dirt, the point of this guide is to give you the tools to keep your station clean.

Litter and JunkEdit

Litter occurs when peeps can't or won't find a bin after visiting a Dine-O-Mat or shop. The best way to deal with this is preventative, place litter bins so that peeps have to pass upon exiting a litter causing establishment. These helps slow litter build up, but doesn't stop it entirely.

Junk is debris from destroyed/ repacked buildings and destroyed scuzzers. Damaged goods can also be considered junk.


Maintenance scuzzers are key to a clean station, for maximum effectiveness they should be set for  the following job priority.

  1. Collect litter
  2. Clean rooms
  3. Repair
  4. Build rooms

Without a recycler litter / junk will simply be destroyed, but with one you can start to make a small profit from those messy peeps. Researching litter and junk seem to improve its recycle value although only litter shows up on the research tree.

The problem with litterEdit

Why keep your station litters low at all? There are three reasons, peep satisfaction, vermin and Memaus/Skrashers. A dirty station leads to unhappy peeps, which causes lots of problems. Vermin spread disease and Memaus eat litter, which in turn cause giant space beetles to break stuff and kill peeps. You won't get Memaus in every mission but the other two issues are constant.

Cargo left to decay on the deck can also attract vermin, as can debris left from building demolitions/repacks. Scuzzers will not clean up damaged goods (those cargo crates), disarmed bombs or Turdite. They will clean up dead bodies.

Doing it yourselfEdit

You can help out the scuzzers by using the pattern buffer to clean up litter and drop in into the recycler.

Cleaning buildingsEdit

Buildings need to be kept clean. The Dine-O-Mat in particular can cause food poisoning if dirty or badly maintained.

While there is no hard evidence that dirty buildings effect peeps mood, a dirty building can lose you missions when cleanliness is a requirement.

Cleaning peepsEdit

Peeps need cleaning too. Thankfully there is a simple solution, Lavatrons. A peeps need for cleanliness (and relief) is tracked by the toilet stat

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