Even in the enlightened times of the future there is still conflict.

If combat is a real possibility then you need to have the following in place:

  • Security columns - place them near ports and sickbays to take down criminals and Skrashers. Place them on borders to soften up enemies and near door controls to prevent take over attempts.
  • Security Scuzzers - less squishy (more damage enduring) than security personnel, teleport them to trouble spots and use them to hack doors in take over attempts.
  • Combat ready workers - Gors are your best choice, but Targ, Greys and salt hogs can also fire laser weapons. You should have at least ten of each before attempting to take over another Administrators segments. Those with high dedication and loyalty will stick around the longest, while those with higher skill are better shots. Bad shots can damage civilians and buildings.

Types of combatEdit

Skrasher attacksEdit

Skrashers main anger is directed towards building but them while take a swipe at random peeps and anyone trying to shoot them.

Enemy agentsEdit

See intruder

Hostile administrators and hostile takeoversEdit

See Takeover

Starting combatEdit