The Grey Council is an organization of Grey doctors and administrators that establish hospitals and emergency care facilities throughout known space. They will hire station supervisors to construct sick bays to treat visitors as well as receive ambulances and plague ships.

Mission Edit

Grey Council
Placeholder other
Vital statistics
Objective Cure 100 patients before 10 patients die
Time limit None
Prerequisites None
Difficulty Easy
Rewards 10000E for passing a health inspection

15000E for curing an entire ambulance of patients

Previous Next
Groulien Workers Party Targ Collective

The Grey Council is the second mission. The main objective is to set up a space hospital. You must cure 100 patients before 10 patients die. You must also keep the facility clean to pass the health inspections. If the health inspectors give you three warnings you will be shut down.


  1. Build basic facilities
  2. Build a sick bay
  3. Buy and build a comsensor
  4. Cure 100 patients before 10 die or you are shut down by the health inspectors
  5. Build facilities on the pleasure deck for residents and visitors

You can buy additional facilities and goods from Arona Daal.

Suggested additional facilities:

  • Comsensor
  • Recycler
  • Litter bins
  • Dispensers
  • Love Nest
  • Medical Supplies
  • Scuzzer droids

Incoming Patients

If you build a comsensor, you will receive messages of incoming patients. Should you cure all of the patients from a party, you will receive an energy bonus of 15000E. This is an essential source of energy. Passing a health inspection also provides a bonus of 10000E.

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