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Industrial Materials

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☀Our Goal at Global Electrons is to usher into a technological regime which in addition to providing FUEL LESS POWER helps in reducing the carbon over load on the environment , which in effect leads to : (a) Huge Quantum of Savings for the Manufacture Return on Investment being as high as 200% in the first year and as as high as 2250 % from the second year onwards.
(b) Drastic Reduction in the Green House Gas emmision.
(c)Substantial Saving for the Nation as a whole in terms of drastic reduction in use of Foreign Exchange for purchase of these scares Energy sources.

Item DescriptionEdit

Increases the load bearing capacity of an Existing Genset by 30% to 40% without

in creasing fuel consumption

• Gives Jerkless Power Supply without Spikes

• No Voltage Fluctuation even on Full Load

• Eco Friendly (Does not consume Fuel)

• No Noise Pollution

• Maintenance Free


Weight : 300kg to 1000kg

Dimension : 2 ft X 5 ft X 5 ft Dynamics: Static

Mode : Automatic / Manual

Automatic Model : Digital Display

Manual Model : Input &Output VAF Meters Operating Switch

Voltage : 440 Volts

Phase : Three Phase

Running Time : Continuous

Emission : Zero Emission (Green Product)

Noise Level : Zero Noise

Rating Available : 82.5 KVA to 1000 KVA

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