Mission 5: The Karmarama Commune
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Vital statistics
Objective Collect 50 food crates and expand your domain
Time limit 100 rotations for first part.
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Turakken Committee Kasvagorian Kingdom

The Karmarama Commune are a organisation of growers and farmers. They promised 50 food crates to Arona, but a plague of insects destroyed their crops, so they need you to make delivery. You have 100 rotations to get it done.

Mission Walkthough Edit

Part 1: Crate farming Edit

  1. Set up basic facilities as instructed.
  2. While the scuzzers are busy, transform all your available bio deck nanosoil into a moderate and dry (zedem monks homeworld environment) or hot and wet (sirens homeworld environment). Both of these produce food crates from both plant types, but the luxury crates from the sirens environment sell for more.
  3. Hire as many Karmarama as you can.
  4. Buy a cargo hold as soon as you can from Arona, two is the absolute minimum, but three is recommended.  
  5.  Buy more scuzzers, MK II if you can get them. They will be needed to keep the place clean and move crates to storage.
  6. Set the plant harvest timers (right click) so they are turned into crates as soon as they are ready. Keep an eye on the bio deck so they don't go rotten. Sell off any unneeded goods.
  7. If you have any spare energy considering investing in extra facilities for guests and staff.

Part 2: ExpansionEdit

Time for expansion - expanded into four segments before you opponent.

  1. You are provided with a star dock, build this and a comsensor.
  2. Hire some Targ for you comsensor
  3. Using farmed goods and your factory (if available) trade goods to make a profit
  4. Expand your station
Other tips
  • Make use of litter bins as soon as available, Dine-o-Mats and shops can generate huge amounts of waste
  • Consider investing in a recycler to turn litter into more energy