Lockdown Brig
Lockdown brig
Vital statistics
Type Security
Deck Sub level
Purpose 'Curing' criminals
Cost to build
Recycle Value {{{recycle}}}
Power usage {{{powerusage}}}
Size Variable
Furniture requirement(s) Door, Cell
Lockdown Brig is the facility where criminals are taken for rehabilitation.

All lockdown Brig contain a number of cells which use advanced technology to cure criminal peeps of their evil ways, which is to say they receive mind restructuring and therapy. Most will not sin again.

In the slammer (per second)


..which is actually better than most hotels, increasing a criminals stat points to make sure they are a spiritually balanced, healthily in mind and body, fed, rested, hygienic and entertained. The only thing it doesn't provide is love and sobriety. This increases the likelihood released peeps will not backslide into criminality.

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