Medical Supplies

Sold by


Bought by

Sirens, Kasvagorians

Used by

Sick bay





Base Value


Base cost to manufacture


Fully researched cost to manufacture


Medical Supplies are used in Sick bays to treat injury and illnesses.

They can be bought from traders; the Greys offer the best deal; or harvested from plants grown on the bio deck; or, once researched, manufactured in a factory. The Sirens highly value these and will purchase them at a high price. The Kasvagorians also like to purchase them.

Sick bays can be run without medical supplies but this costs more energy.

Item DescriptionEdit

An important cargo type, produced primarily in the Gaem System. Medical supplies are required to efficiently operate the Sickbay

Plants producing Medical SuppliesEdit

Research leads toEdit

Traders Edit

Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona Daal 1000-1250 750-1000
Gem Slug 1000-1250 750-1000
Grey Face smileFace smileFace smile500-750 Face sadFace sadFace sad250-500
Kasvagorian 1000-1250 750-1000
Karmarama 1000-1250 750-1000
Salt Hog 1000-1250 750-1000
Siren Face sadFace sadFace sad1500-1750 Face smileFace smileFace smile1250-1500
Targ 1000-1250 750-1000
Turakken 1000-1250 750-1000
Zedem 1050-1150 Face smile950-1050

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