A recharger.

A recharger is used by Scuzzers to recharge their batteries and repair any damage they have have incurred.


Missions usually starts with a single use recharger blueprint but as your domain expands you should add additional rechargers to the engineering and pleasure decks. Security Scuzzers use more power than maintenance Scuzzers and can sometimes be found immobile with their batteries empty. Teleporting the Scuzzers back to the recharger gives it enough energy to use the recharger.

Traders Edit

Trader Cost to buy (E) Cost to sell (E)
Cost to buy and sell with traders
Arona 1000-1250 750-1000
Gem slug 1000-1250 750-1000
Grekka Targ 1000-1250 750-1000
Grey 1000-1250 750-1000
Karmarama 1000-1250 750-1000
Kasvagorian 1000-1250 750-1000
Salt hog 1000-1250 750-1000
Siren 1000-1250 750-1000
Turakken 1000-1250 750-1000
Zedem 1000-1100 900-1000

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