This page covers the range of seating options for peeps with tired feet.

Sick bay waiting couch/ Love Waiting SeatEdit

These seats are a bit of furniture for the sick bay or Love nest and serve the same function, a place for peeps to wait for the services of a professional. The number of seats will determine how many peeps will wait to be seen, rather than wandering the station.


Basic deck furniture that allows a peeps to sit and rest, except they don't. Benches seem to go unused. If you see one being used please send in a picture.

Plaza fountainEdit

A way to sit that can be fun and good for the soul.

Bar tables and chairsEdit

Placed in the rough bar, recreational bar and cocktail bar, these allow peeps to linger, talk and buy more drinks.

Slug podsEdit

Placed in the Slugpartments these allow Gem slugs to sit/lie in comfort. Some decide they don't want to get out, ever, and die in a very relaxed way.

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